English Grammar

 The Tense Structures

A good understanding of the thirteen tenses used in the English language is invaluable as you write your thesis. Use this list to help you recognize correct and incorrect phrases in your writing:

  1. Present Simple:
    I go to the shops everyday.
  2. Present Continuous:
    I’m watching a sunset.
  3. Present Perfect Continuous:
    I have been sitting in the rocking chair for two hours now.
  4. Present Perfect:
    I have seen a lion.
  5. Past Simple:
    I went to the zoo last week.
  6. Past Continuous:
    I was watching a kangeroo earlier.
  7. Past Perfect:
    By the time I arrived at the cinema, the film had finished.
  8. Past Perfect Continuous:
    I had been waiting in the queue for twenty minutes, when I was told to go home.
  9. Future with “Going To”:
    I am going to watch a zebra at the zoo tonight.
  10. Future Simple (Future + “will”):
    I’ll go to the zoo with you.
  11. Future Continuous:
    I will be watching a video tonight at eight o’clock.
  12. Future Perfect:
    I will have finished watching series five of 24 by the end of the day.
  13. Future Perfect Continuous:
    By ten o’clock tonight I will have been watching 24 for half a year.