Terms and Conditions for Proofreaders

By undertaking any work supplied by NCL Proofreading services you agree to the following:

Requirement for High Standards

  • To complete all work to a high standard (the standards that are stipulated on the website) in order to ensure client satisfaction and protect the reputation of NCL Proofreading Services.
  • In the event that the work completed is deemed by NCL Proofreading Services to be of substandard quality, NCL Proofreading Services will edit the work at a cost of £12 per hour, to be deducted from any money passed on to you from the client.
  • To complete the work within the agreed time.


  • NCL Proofreading Services does not employ those who undertake any work supplied by it.
  • In the event of partial (or non) payment by the client, NCL Proofreading services will only pass on money received, although every reasonable effort will be made to recover the money from the client. NCL Proofreading Services is not liable to pay its proofreaders any outstanding amount not received from the client.